Five Hour Energy


These can be seen in every gas station open, every day in every city. They usually run you from $2.99-$3.99 depending on the location. But, no matter what the cost-when you need it, you will pay premium dollar for it. I am typically not a “pop a pill, drink a drink to make you feel better” kind of girl. In fact, I abhor taking medicine altogether. But, thanks to my husband who is Mr. “I’ll try the newest med”-I have become a believer and spokesperson for these little 2 oz. bottles. I can attest that this bottle works 100%. There is no crash. There are no jitters. You just feel energetic and most importantly, you feel awake and functional. During the last 30 days dealing with our family crisis, sleep has been at a limited amount and just to get through the day is sometimes extremely difficult without snapping your neck into two pieces as your head leans forward like a free fall because you are so sleepy! I have taken these in desperate times albeit skeptical at first. The skepticism is now gone and belief and set in. Also, I was minimally comforted as well as a I looked at the ingredients on the back and was glad to see it has a negligible amount of caffeine and the rest are full of B-vitamins. They come in several flavors and they even have a maximum strength for the days your neck has already snapped in two and you need to put it back together. Happy swallowing!


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