Just Simply

Some of the best things in life are simple. Maybe that is why Simply products are so good! Lemonade is surfacing as my favorite drink these days and my favorite is Simply Lemonade. They make a traditional lemonade and also a Raspberry Lemonade. Both are simply delicious.

For starters, all lemonade is not created equal. Some are sweet and some are tart and some taste like water. I am picky about my food, but I am particular on my lemonade too. When I am out at a restaurant and want lemonade, I always ask the waiter if the lemonade is sweet or tart. I prefer sweet over tart. It is hard to find the right blend of sweet and tart, but I have finally found it in a bottle. It is refreshing and has a great, fresh taste as if it was freshly squeezed in your personal kitchen.

Simply also makes Orange Juice and Apple Juice which are great as well.


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