Organization Project

I love organization and I like for most things to be nice and neat and not scattered. It gives me a sense of peace and serenity. When things are not organized, it causes my blood pressure to rise quickly and I feel out of control. I did not know this about myself until recently and the more I encounter dis-organization, the more I realize how much it bothers me. I am not anal about it. But on a scale of 1-10, I am sure I weigh in around a 7 or 8. You see, anal to me is everything has to be organized whereas for me, most things have to be organized, but not all. For example, anal organizers tend to organize their pantry in alphabetical order and their spice racks. They can even go so far as to organize their closets by putting all their white shirts together and then progress from left to right by shade variations.

Me…my pantry is not in alpha order and in my closet, you will find a red shirt next to a white shirt. But, in my pantry I like all the cereal boxes together and do not want my syrup by the spaghetti sauce. And in my closet, I want all my suits together and shirts together but the colors do not have to go from white to pink to lilac all the way to black. That to me equals a 7 and not a 10.

Well recently, I decided to take my closet organization to the next level and organize my shoes. I took pictures of all my shoes and then made labels to put on the outside of my shoe boxes so I can quickly know which shoes are in which box. I love it!!! It has made my mornings smooth because I am not flinging shoes all over the place and I am not opening five boxes to find my favorite pair of black heels.

I saw this idea a few years ago in a Costco magazine where this lady started a business with this same concept. Her business uses plastic holders that you drop the pictures in and then adhere that to your shoe box. I thought that it was a novel idea, but that novel idea came with an expensive tag. I decided I could do this myself and so I did with no money spent. I just spent a Sunday taking all my pictures and in my free time, I get a few pictures and tackle a few shoeboxes at a time. It has worked out great.



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