First School Project

Lauren is in 3rd grade and recently had her first school project! I am not sure why I find this concept exciting, but I do. Her project was to make a volcano and they erupted them in class. Now..let me be clear that although I was excited about her having a project, I was not thrilled on what the project was. I am not good at those types of things like making volcanoes or such items. Where most make think it is simple to follow those directions and make something like that, it is very unnatural to me. That side of my brain doesn’t even click in at all.

But, her dad came to the rescue and led the project and I was most happy. Once the volcano was formed, I did pitch in and help paint and decorate it and that was more up my alley. Overall, it was a cool activity and made me feel like she was in “real” school. I am very proud of her.


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