Happy Birthday Lucas


My baby Lucas turned four a month ago and the saying is true that time flies! It is hard to believe that he is 4 and is a little boy instead of the baby I used to hold and rock. Marcus says that he has me wrapped around his finger and I am perfectly fine with that declaration. He loves his mommy and mommy loves him! I know that Lucas is our last child, so I definitely feel that I have behaved differently with him versus with our firstborn. I feel like with the first child, it is easy to “wish it away.” Meaning I was always looking forward to the next phase (“I will be glad when she can sit up/crawl/walk/talk, etc) instead of simply enjoying the phase she was in. With Lauren, I knew we had plans to to have another child and since she was our first, I did not truly understand that she was going through all those stages I wished for at record speed. With Lucas, I cherish each phase, age and milestone because I know it fleets away quickly. It feels like yesterday we brought him home. We ahve gone from sitting to walking to full-blown runs. We have gone from breastfeeding, to bottles, sippy cups, throwing cups, to drinking openly with a straw. We have gone from changing diapers hourly, to potty training, soiled underwear, and doing potty dances. From cooing to babbling, first words to complete sentences and unlimited questions. Lots of stages, lots of phases and lots of growth. I am grateful that I have seen each one and I am happy to be his mother.


Now that I have had my “mommy’ moment, let’s talk about his party. We had a Toy Story theme complete with a cowboy hat for Lucas! We had at a gymnastics place which was a big hit with all the kids. We had the entore gym to ourselves and the kids played on the trampoline, completed an obstacle course and then took turns jumping in the ball pit and ziplining. It was a blast! Afterwards, we served cake, donuts and ice cream and all the kids left full and tired which was my present to the parents.


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