Goodbye and Hello

Lucas saying goodbye to daycare

The familiar adage of “Time flies” does not do justice to my thoughts over the last four years as we start a new school year and Lucas is part of it! Lucas started K-4 this week and said goodbye to daycare and hello to “real” school.

Time has flown, soared, catapulted, and leapt through space. It really had to have been “yesterday” when I had him and now he is sitting in a class with a uniform. He was ready and excited to start his first day and he made us proud. Part of my maternal makeup thought that maybe he was “too’ ready on the first day of school-he was 100% positive, no tears and no dependence at all for me to even be there. You know… that is hard for a mom who knows this is the last child and who looks at the time that has passed and realize it may only get quicker from here. But…I thought the reverse of this independence and 4-year old confidence may be just as unbearable. I looked around at all the other 4 and 5 year olds and there was a young boy in Lucas’ class that cried and clearly did not want to be there. That was painful to watch for his mother and also for the rest of the other parents. As a mother, you want to be the hero, the rescuer, Superman with a dress even(:-), but you know that the first day is a test of letting go and the first of many similar tests to come. As I watched the him, I realized it was ok for Lucas to be content and happy on his first day. So, I enjoyed the moment of seeing him content and happy and thus I became content and happy.

So many times in life, we are forced to say goodbye and we are not given the opportunity to say hello to something else. Lucas said goodbye to daycare on Friday where he had been since 3 months old. But, on Tuesday he was able to say hello to a new school, new teacher and new friends. Yes, I do have a tinge of sadness but I also have happiness and excitement for this new chapter for Lucas. I am thankful I am here to say hello with him.

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