Plant Savior

Green Thumb. Brown Thumb. What is in between green and brown? Whatever it is..that is the color of my thumb. That means I love flowers and plants and I do a decent job. Everything I have does not die, but everything does not live either. I am perfectly fine with those odds. But my dear husband is not. You see….he does not engage much in the plant process until he steps in as Plant Savior. Yes that is right-Plant Savior! He has an issue with throwing plants away. If there is any sign of a green leaf hidden anywhere, he refuses to throw it away.

I water my plants and do my part to keep them alive and healthy, but once they have lived their life and no longer thriving-I throw them away and buy me a new one. Simple to me. But my husband puts up a fight every time and tries to coax me into keeping the plant and decides in his head “If we just give it a little more water, if we just give it some premium food, if we just put it in the sunlight for 15 more minutes…” It goes on and on and instead of the plant shooting back into life, I have dead leaves all over my house with a dead plant with a sprig of green. So, we recently had this debate last week over one of the plants I had in the family room. I am not sure why, but it just stopped growing and responding and was no longer a healthy plant. I have had the plant for at least 4 years and paid less than $10 at Home Depot. As a result, I feel like I have gotten my money’s worth and I have no attachment to this plant.

I am done and ready to pick up the dead leaves and move on. Here comes my husband with the usual coaxing and I stood my ground and said I did not want the plant anymore. I thought we agreed and he picked the plant up and headed towards the garage. I sigh contentedly thinking I have won this battle. my surprise I came home from work yesterday and as I drive into the garage, there is the dead plant sitting outside on my retaining wall looking just as pitiful as it did before.

All I could do was laugh to myself and try to understand why my husband thinks he is the plant Savior.


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