2013 Resolutions in First Class

I guess if I took the time to make New Year’s resolutions, I have to blog and post it before February 1 huh? I wrote them out and gave them thought early December 2012, but have not made it to the computer yet to actually publish them. I also went back and reflected on my 2012 resolutions. Below are the 4 things I committed to in 2012 and an update and grade on each:

1. Rewrite my DNA-I would give myself a C+ on this one overall just because this is probably the hardest thing to accomplish and certainly cannot be done in 12 months. When it comes to effort though, I would give myself a B. This was constantly on my mind throughout the year and I tried to be self-aware and make needed adjustments along the way. Silence was my most important ally in this process. Learning and teaching myself that every thing I think does not have to be said nor should it be. By being silent, I was able to take time and evaluate what I was really feeling and evaluate the root cause of my feelings and then deal with it from there. So many times, the words we say create damage far beyond the circumstance they were spoken in. I think 2012 was a year of awareness for me in this year and confirmed the rewrite really should take place; therefore, it will be on the list again in 2013. Also as part of the rewrite process, I not only became aware of the things that needed to change but also the things that were ok to stay.

2. Lose 30 more lbs-Grade of B even though the end result was not accomplished. I did not lose 30 lbs this year at all much to my disappointment but I did run my first 5K in May and that was indeed a huge accomplishment. I even surprised myself and am so proud to say I completed. I was also a week away from doing a second 5K but had to pause on running for back issues and pain I started having in June. 10 months out of 2012,I exercised faithfully and without hesitation. That is a huge win for me!

3. Helping others-Grade of A. I think that I did a good job in this area and have several examples of how I have helped others emotionally, professionally and financially this year. I also feel I was able to help others and take care of me at the same time. Two years ago I had a resolution to learn how to take care of myself because I had sunk into being everyone else’s savior but my own.

4. Shaping character of my children-Grade of B in terms of effort. I intentionally tried to spend more time with my kids and set certain parameters in place with work and other external things that helped me with this. I think this is an area like #1 that is a continuous process and ongoing.

So overall for 2012-it looks like I had a B average and I think that is a good result. So many people steer clear of New Year’s resolutions because they are forgotten by February 1. But, for me it is a great way to outline what I want to accomplish and serves me far better than if I never took the time to think about it and write down what I want to accomplish.

Now 2013 has started and below are the things I have identified to work on. Also this year I have a theme of “Living a First Class vs. Coach Lifestyle”. I want my decisions, interactions and efforts to be first class and not just mediocre. I simply want to care about the things I choose to do and do the things I care about.

1. Continuation of DNA Rewrite

2. Lose weight and engage in exercise as part of my regular lifestyle

3. Dedicated time with children I have committed to a quarterly Mommy/daughter date with Lauren and have several things outlined/planned I want to do with her and teach her. And with Lucas, my focus will be on helping him learn to read.

4. Personal development-I want to learn how to swim and how to chopsticks as two items for my personal development. Well, I shouldn’t say I want to learn how to swim…I NEED to learn how to swim. It is long overdue and just needed.

So, I am off to the races and ready to launch into this new year. I am excited about the possibilities! I am excited about approaching things in a first class and not a coach mentality. And I am expecting first class results.


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