Introducing Max


We got a new puppy this weekend! He is a pure bred Labrador Retriever and we have named him Max. It has been two months since we lost Lady and each day that has gone by, I’ve missed her more than I even imagined. So, we made the choice to get another dog. We were looking at chocolate Labs or golden retrievers, but could not find what we wanted. I was hesitant to get another black Lab because I thought it would remind me too much of Lady since she was black. But, I decided to give it a try. I finally found Max through a classified ad and we went out and picked him from a litter of 8 about 30 miles east of our home. The breeder had four females and four males and we went out there to pick out a female but changed once we got there. I think Max was the third one I held and I fell in love with his temperament. He was calm and just sweet. The others I held were crying and hyper and seemed more anxious. When I held him, he seemed to just be chill immediately and I took to him. He was two weeks old then and we had to wait four more weeks before we could pick him up this weekend.
We are three days in and he has already become a big part of the family. We are enjoying him although we are adjusting to having a puppy. It is like having a newborn! He is a cuddle bug and loves attention and wants to be wherever you are. He has a playful temperament so far, but I also see he wants to be alpha and gets mad when he is not held enough or not receiving enough attention. He seems like he will be pretty smart and have already figured out where his food stays, etc. We are excited and look forward to having him around!




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