Detox-Let’s Go

It’s June 1, 2015 and today I’m embarking on detox cleanse. Not sexy huh? No it’s not but necessary. I consider it a vacation for my body to relax, rejuvenate and repair itself from all the damage I’ve created inside. Our bodies take a beating daily with what we eat, how little we sleep, not enough exercise and the mental stress we carry from day to day. After doing that so long, the body begins to slow down, fill with diseases and “putters” when we try to move like we 20! So I’ve decided to take a break from as much unhealthy foods and lifestyle that I possibly can. I’ll be eating 75% raw as much as possible and no sweets, sugar, fried foods, breads, and sodas. Compared to what I normally eat, my body is probably going to panic and be all confused! But my hope and prayer is that after all the panic and confusion, I’ll feel better and feel the difference of healthy vs. unhealthy. My goal is to embark on this for three weeks…let’s go!


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