First 48- Day 2 Detox

  Yes yes I survived day 1 and I’m more than halfway through Day 2! If you are behind, check out yesterday’s blog. I’m counting each moment as success because it is definitely a moment by moment journey. Overall I’m doing ok and better than expected physically. Both mornings have been rough but once I’ve gotten past that rough 8-10 am hour it has been manageable. I did great yesterday all the way up to last night and I felt pretty bad with headache and extreme weakness. This is apparently normal.

I traveled today so it made honoring my healthy commitment a bit more challenging but doable. I started my morning at 6 am with 20 oz. homemade fruit and vegetable juice. After passing through the security gate before boarding the plane, I was hunting for healthy food choices. I came away with some trail mix and low fat popcorn. I munched some on the plane ride and hunger and turbulence doesn’t go together well AT ALL. But I made it through. I made it then to Atlanta airport and just knew I would find a plethora of healthy options. I got off plane and ran smack into Popeyes! I quickly sped up and found my gate area and all I walked away with was a banana and an orange. Yep that’s it.

So now as I am at the end of my day I’ve discovered in the first 48 hours that for me eating healthy requires preparation, commitment, and perseverance. I’ve had to mentally prepare and logistically prepare what I’m going to eat, where will I be and think about the most acceptable eating path when I don’t have my juicer in my back pocket. That is different for me and requires work on my part. My job is stressful and complete with breakfast meetings , get to know lunches, and social dinners frequently. I eat what is there and it’s easier to not think after having to think on all the other stresses of my job. But to be successful in this, I HAVE to think, plan and prepare.

Also, I’m discovering there is a mental part to this and a physical part. The physical part is just plain being hungry and those instances in the morning have been the worst. Hunger will decide and make choices for you lol! It bypasses my mind and logic. Logic takes a vacation and rationale takes the front seat. Rationale begins to speak up loudly and say ” you are hungry! , you need food, grab that biscuit, hunger is of the devil, hunger was not made for man, you deserve to eat, you gotta eat! Does any of this sound familiar? Or maybe only I have rationale screaming at me!! Nonetheless, I am trying to push pass the hunger, balance my eating and try to avoid hunger, and keep healthy snacks readily available.

So first 48 is about to be over and I’m grateful I’ve made it each hour. Stay tuned!!


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