First Weekend Struggles-Detox Journey 

The detox journey continues and this past weekend was different than the week. On Saturday, I planned well and started off with a great smoothie and had 32 oz juice. I also packed my lunch and several snacks that were on my approved list. I was good until 5 pm and all of a sudden something kicked in mentally and I wanted to EAT! Eat anything that was not on my “approved” list. I didn’t want salad or fruit or nuts or water. I wanted to taste carbonation and sweet and cold. Hmm that’s not water. Not even close. The struggle began to amp up and all of a sudden I felt like I was in a mental warfare where I literally had to pray and fight and fight and pray. I had a house full of kids Saturday night for a sleepover but of course sleepovers are all about food and fun. Originally I was going to do pizza for the kids but I literally could taste the pizza in my mouth and I knew if I did I would eat pizza and the detox journey would have ended on Day 7. So I decided to make quesadillas because that’s still a fun kid food but most importantly it wasn’t anything I was craving like pizza and I felt I could say no to that. I made them and the struggle intensified. Not so much that I wanted quesadillas. I just simply wanted to eat. I wanted to taste flavor. I fixed plates for the kids and then proceeded to go upstairs and eat my natural, low calorie popcorn. For the next two hours until I went to bed, I had to do constant self-talk, pray and stay committed to not eat anything I didn’t need to. I finally realized my only self help I could do was to just go to sleep and wake up to a brand new day. And…that’s what I did. I slept and woke up on Sunday, Day 9 with renewed strength and determination. So, I made it thorough the first weekend and the second weekend is here. I’m on Day 12 and I’m praying and hoping I can have success again….this time without two hours of self-talk:-) Stay tuned. 


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