Books and Nooks

Nook Color

Last year’s Christmas, I unwrapped my favorite present of all last year-my Nook Color. I was in the bookstore one day last year and ran across this device and fell in love with it. I have always loved to read, but in past years have not experienced reading much at all just due to time and schedules. But that day in the bookstore, I got re-inspired to start reading again. So I asked Marcus to add this to my Christmas Wish List and I was ecstatic when my wish came true.

Since Christmas, I have enjoyed the novelty of reading again even thought my time is very limited to read. On the Nook Color, I can also enjoy reading my favorite magazines in color and it is as if the magazine is sitting right there in my lap. Also, the color version comes in handy for kids’ picture books and makes it all come to life.

There are many people that vascillate between the notion of a “real” book that you can hold vs. an “e-reader”. I have not missed holding or carrying books at all. My reading experience still seems “real” to me even though it is an electronic device. For to me, I just see it as a convenient, portable library!


Organized and Lovin’ It

I consider myself a semi-organized person. I am not to the extreme of being anal retentive and neither am I a complete ball of disorganization. I live somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Well, I discovered a new product when I started with Alabama Power-Levenger Notebooks. They are nothing short of wonderful.

Levenger has a wide array of organizational office products. They are known for their leather bound notebooks. The cool thing about their notebooks is that the paper can slide in and out and can be placed wherever you want in the notebook. It is hole punched to fit the Levenger, but is not torn when you take it to place it somewhere else in your notebook.  I take it with me to every meeting and it has all of my important work information. I also have it tabbed for easy referencing.

Once you get one of these notebooks, you will not use a tablet, clipboard or legal pad again. It is well worth the money and you will be organized and loving it!

Leadership Lessons

The Leadership Secrets of Colin PowellI  like and can appreciate books on leadership. Over the past few years, I have gotten into that and always look to see what new books other managers have collected on leadership. I ran across a book about Colin Powell’s leadership lessons and have been pleased with it.

I was given a PowerPoint presentation that goes over his 18 lessons on leadership and in an effort to find more about him, I ran across his book. The book expounds on the 18 lessons and what they mean. I am doing this book and presentation with my leadership team at work. We cover 2 lessons a month and have discussion questions around it. We did it the first month and they love it! It is a great read and tool for anyone who likes to read leadership books.

Just a sample: the 1st leadership lesson is this-“Being responsible as a leader means sometimes pissing people off.”  WOW! That is a great lesson that a lot of leaders may feel uncomfortable around. But, there are numerous times that leaders want to play Mr./Mrs. Nice Guy and not address problem performers. Because of this, Colin explains that we ironically end up pissing off the people who are the most valued and creative in the organization.

This book has allowed my leadership team to have some candid discussions about their style of leadership and how they can improve. A must read for all leaders!