Braces-Month 3

I have been in my braces now for three months and I can say that the latter is definitely greater than the first. I have had two adjustments so far and my second adjustment has been very bearable. It was not nearly as bad as my first adjustment where I had to contemplate which was worst-the first week of braces or my first adjustment. It was literally like starting all over again.
I received my second adjustment two weeks ago and they replaced me with new chains and that was it. They are focusing mostly now on just closing the spaces that my extractions created. And I personally think that is a great focus-ready for my teeth to be neighbors again instead of distant relatives! My teeth were sore for the first two days but no extreme pain like before. I wes so surprised but glad about it. If every adjustment is like this, I may not have to write about my braces for the next 17 months!


Braces Continued

Ouch!! My mouth hurts. Today, I had my first orthodontist appointment since getting my braces put on. It is like starting all over. They took the initial wire off and put a new, heavier wire on and some chains. Yes, that is right-chains! I had four extractions two weeks ago in an effort to make space for my teeth to move and align as they should. So, the chains are put on to help close the spaces I have as a result of having four teeth extracted. I am not sure which is worse-four holes in my mouth or 20+ sore teeth in my mouth. I must say that I feel like my teeth have been in abnormal distress since the beginning of the year.

January 12-Braces

February 4-Oral Surgery with four extractions

February 22-1st Orthodontic adjustment
Ok, I am 7 weeks in and it has been a journey to say the least. I was just starting to feel and eat normal and no longer “remembered” every second that I had braces.

But, today I certainly know and feel that I have braces. I am back wincing at eating anything softer than the level of mush and back to looking at the clock to see when I can pop my next dose of Tylenol.

Will this too pass? I sure hope so…soon!

Braces-The Week After

Ok so I’m a little over a week in and I’m happy to report the pain is gone! I was very unsure if I would be able to say that, but the pain-free day showed up around Day 5. I went the whole day without any wax and that was a sign that things were on the upswing.
The braces still feel rather abnormal in my mouth though. It doesn’t seem like there’s enough room for all of my residents (tongue, teeth, and gums)that were already there plus the braces. It seems like we need to evict the braces, but I know we have to and we will persevere.

Day 4-Braces

Ok I am four days in and I am still thinking to myself….maybe I just did not do enough research on braces?? I know people told me simply I would be sore when I went and got the regular adjustments. And that was said in a “matter of fact”, I thought simple soreness and no big deal. Well, maybe I just did not think to ask how I would feel the first few days of actually getting the braces on. I truly did not contemplate or expect what I am going through presently. I just thought I would have a list of “forbidden foods” and I would simply move on.

Yesterday was bad again and I resorted to frantically searching on the internet for a Braces Online Community Support Group! Laugh if you must, but I desperately needed to know this pain was supposed to happen and I needed to know that it is going away one day. ONe day..before the braces come off that is. I found several forums/posts that said pain should be expected for at least the first week and maybe two weeks. I found some of the same suggestions I already tried and I learned it is just a process and will get better. I am not sure I believe them!

Today, I had to go to the store to get more dental wax to help with the irritation from the brackets. The dental wax does not leave my sight for any reason. I am afraid of being anywhere without it. Yes, we have become close friends in four days!

The other nuance is getting used to eating in my braces. Eating has not been fun or enjoyable. I can only chew on one side because the rest of my teeth hurt. For whatever reason, food seems to be most enjoyable I guess when it can enter your mouth from any angle, opening or side. Being limited to a 1/8 sq.inch of your mouth on the right side somehow diminishes the taste, the quality and desire of eating. It is just too much work.

I think tomorrow I will stick to soup and smoothies.

Braces and Me

I got braces! Wednesday was the day it all happened. The
day before my braces, I made some homemade egg rolls and bit down
into the crunchiness just because I could. And because I knew the
next day I would not be able to. It’s the little things you know! I
did three orthodontic consultations before Christmas and found a
practice I thought I would like. I chose Drs. Phillips, Todd and
Taylor in Hoover. We set the date for January 12 and I set my mind
that I was really going to do this. I never got braces as a
teenager, but wanted them just because it was the cool thing to do.
As I became an adult, I did not think about it much anymore. Within
the last few months though, I began to pay particular attention to
my bottom teeth and did not like how they were crowding and
turning. And literally the thought hit me…why not get braces? It
was a wild thought at the time but it quickly started to take
speed. Before I knew it, I was serious and was getting braces. The
entire process of getting my braces on took two hours or less and
it was a complete pain-free process. I love the orthodontist office
I selected. They are great! They explained everything thoroughly
before it was done and were extremely encouraging. Also, when I was
done I didn’t look as bad as I thought I would. I was pleasantly
surprised that I still looked like myself and there was not metal
coming out of my ears! For my braces selection, I got ceramic
braces on the top and metal braces on the bottom. In a few weeks, I
have to go to my dentist and get four extractions! I’m not looking
forward to that, but it’s part of my treatment plan. Well…I did
it and there is no turning back now. My treatment plan is for 20
months, so stay tuned as you follow me through my braces