Running !

I did it!!!! Ran my first 5k on Memorial Day and it was a huge accomplishment. I’ve been on a journey since my new years resolution to run this race and set it as a goal for 2012. I am not sure what possessed me with so much urgency to do this, but I couldn’t shake the thought and I’m glad I did it. It was part of a new challenge for myself and it was part of my plan to lose weight which was another 2012 goal. Oddly enough I did not lose any weight training for the race and that caused great disappointment. But in spite of no weight loss, I gained in other areas such as increased fitness, renewed confidence and a new hobby.
Increased fitness-it definitely feels good to do something healthy for your body and sweat.
Renewed confidence-this spans a lot of areas. My main renewal is around the confidence in myself that I CAN do what I put my mind too no matter how lofty the goal. I’ve never been a health or fitness guru and never ran-so to run a 5k seemed very out of reach and unlike anything I has done. But I did it!!!
New hobby-I have enjoyed running and I never thought I would say that. It has been a great place of solitude and quiet and a stress outlet. I see now that it can become addictive and your body will crave it. It was an awesome experience overall and a major accomplishment.


Off to a Good Start

We are a little over 30 days into the new year and I must say I’m off to a good start on one of my resolutions to be healthy. One of the desired results of being healthy for me is losing weight and to date, I have lost 12 lbs.!!!! I started the week after Christmas making deliberate, healthy choices on what and when I eat. And my discipline and new habits have paid off.
I feel great about my progress thus far and it keeps me motivated to want to remain focused and continue on this path. I told Marcus that I see this as my last and final attempt to be healthy and lose the weight once and for all. I’m committed to not being fat anymore! I want to feel great physically. I want to look at myself in the mirror and love what I see. I want to wear a different size. I want to be healthy.
And…I’m off to a good start!

Scale Back Alabama

One of my new year’s resolutions was to get in better shape through better eating and exercise. The month is halfway over and so far, I am still committed to this resolution. I officially started my “new lifestyle” on January 5 and have done fairly decent with eating changes and exercise. Well, last week a test came. A test to see how committed I really was. That test was called Scale Back Alabama. This is a program found at  Scale Back Alabama is a statewide contest held the first of each year to encourage Alabamians to get healthier by losing weight and exercising. We are doing this program at work and one of my peers asked me to be on their team. The program lasts 10 weeks and the goal is for each person on the team to lose 10lbs in 10 weeks. Simple enough huh? Sure for the average person who is 2 lbs. overweight that wants to lose 15 lbs! (this represents my other 3 team members by the way) But, for someone that struggles with weight and has a hard enough time keeping herself focused-this just adds to the pressure and stress of a real commitment. I want to get healthy on my terms, by my speed and by my way. I do not want to have a group of three other ladies depending on me to do my share. That is the raw truth as bad as it may be.

But, I am new on the team and I could not come up with a “good” reason to say no. So, I said yes. I am on a team and need to lose at least 10 lbs in 10 weeks. Yea for me! Okay, I got over that and then the next drama comes. We had to weigh in to get our initial weight and then give our weight card to our team leader. My first thought was to bail for sure. It is one thing for people to see that you are overweight, but it is another ball game for them to see the “number” that represents just how overweight you really are! What more could be asked of me? Well…again I come not come up with a good reason to not do this part, so I just played it calm, cool, and collected. I weighed in and turned in my card. So, now one of my peers knows just how overweight I really am. There you have it.

All of a sudden, I do not feel good about that and must go. Stay tuned for the next 10 weeks of the “Work Biggest Loser”.

Engines Re-started

It is commitment time again. I committed to exercising about a month ago and bought a pedometer. As you know, I used it for two weeks before I lost it in the toilet and it malfunctioned. Well, I started again on Sunday with a renewed commitment to lose weight and be healthier. My goal is to do some form of exercise 3 days a week and to drink 6 glasses of water a day. My mini goal this week is to just lose 1lb. These are baby steps and small goals to the outside eye, but BIG for me. I want to be realistic so I do not get discouraged along the way. The most important thing for me is to just start or should I say re-start. I

t is now Wednesday and I have exercised twice already. On my water intake, I am not doing as well but trying to head in the right direction. Stay tuned.

Pedometer Update

Well, a few weeks ago I posted a picture of my new pedometer. In that post, I made a commitment to start walking.

Just to give you an update over the last 30 days on my pedometer action:I used it faithfully for two weeks and the highest I got was about 9100 steps! Just as I was gearing up, Murphy’s Law came after me with a vengeance. I was at a law seminar for work and was on a break. I headed to the bathroom and in the process of completing this task, I leaned over to flush the toilet and hit my waist. My pedometer came off and dropped in the toilet!! WHY does this have to happen to me-the girl who was already struggling to get started. That could have at least happened to the skinny lady who just “thinks” she is overweight. I even went after the pedometer and retrieved it. But, the poor thing will not even come on. The pedometer bites the dust:) But, I have not given up. Stay tuned.

A New Resolution…in October

My new pedometer!

My new pedometer!

  Most new resolutions happen January 1. So, it is odd of course to start one in October I realize. But, I am not going to wait until January. I bought a pedometer last week in an effort to jump start, re-start, or just plain start putting some action behind my words that state I want to be healthy. I have been saying that for quite some time, but it has equally been quite some time since I have done something about it. I have altered my eating habits some, but I have failed miserably in the exercise category. Trust me, I have plenty of excuses with the biggest one being that I do not have time. I am a mother of two kids right? Well, I must start somewhere.

So, I still have not mapped out when I will exercise, how I will exercise or what exercise I will do. All I have done is buy a pedometer. I had to start somewhere and that is my 1st step. My goal now is to take it out of the package and start wearing it tomorrow and increase my number of steps per day. Wish me luck on my October resolution!