A Day at the Park

I love being outside during beautiful weather. It invigorates me. It excites me. The fresh air, the beautiful splendor, the scenery, the “nature” of it all brings me joy. On a recent Saturday afternoon, three days after the passing of Derrick, I certainly needed something to bring me a bit of joy. The kids and I went to Aldridge Gardens and spent a couple of hours walking, holding hands, feeding the ducks, feeding the fish, and just simply enjoying nature. Those two hours were a nice break from the pain and a reminder that there is still life somewhere even though I was hurting from a recent death. Below are a few pictures that remind me of our day in the park:


Picture Perfect

I would not call myself a photographer even though I am slowly becoming intrigued with this art form. However, I took this picture while on vacation and I am so proud that I want to share. It is the waterfall entrance to the cabin resort we stayed at in Gatlinburg. The picture turned out beautiful and in my opinion looks 1/2 way professional.

Just allow me to boast for a brief spell…I am so excited and proud of my picture!

Waterfall entrance at Gatlinburg Falls Resort

Waterfall entrance at Gatlinburg Falls Resort

Good Photography

I have become fascinated with photography over the last 6 months or so. I am not quite sure why, but I have. I have always liked taking pictures somewhat, but I was not obsessed per se. I think my interest started getting piqued when one of the girls at church had a new camera and was taking pictures. It was a Nikon and it literally took about 6 pictures a second! I was in awe-it felt like you were a model on TV as the shutter snapped one right after another. I then realized there was a whole new world out there with cameras and that my 5-year old Kodak Easyshare was definitely for amateurs. Since that time, I have begun to become disenchanted with my camera and want a new one. I am not sure what I want or what to get, so there is a lot of research ahead to be done. I do not know where this fascination will lead so I do not want to be hasty and buy an expensive camera that I will not use its full benefits. I do want clearer pictures, be able to shoot long-range, etc. And that is all I know for now. I will need to hook up with a camera guru for sure.

While surfing, I ran across a blog that has some beautiful photography that I fell in love with. It is www.shuttersisters.com. It is a site that comprises the work of female photographers and they have awesome pictures. If you can appreciate good photography, check them out!