Healthy Foods….There’s a label for that!

Healthy Foods….There’s a label for that!

   While I’ve been on this detox journey, I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to buy snacks and had to find the healthiest I could find. I also found out that healthy comes with a price tag! Sometimes I had to pay $2-3 more for a healthy snack. For example, I was traveling in airport where the prices are already inflated. I could gave bought chips for $1.99 but I opted for healthy popcorn that was gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, anything bad “free” and a bag cost me $4.99!! This is when commitment meets up with your pocketbook and 99% of the time my pocketbook wins. Over the detox journey I can say commitment to healthy won while my pocketbook took a beating. 

But as I continued to buy healthy, I continued to see this blue and green label that said “Non-GMO verified”. It was on EVERY packaged label when I bought something that fit the diet of what I could eat. It was NEVER on the Doritos or the candy or the bagels or anything unhealthy. Interesting huh? So I decided to start thinking…if my healthy foods are non-GMO then what in the world are the everyday foods that me and a large majority have been eating??? GMO Foods are those that have been “genetically modified.” Let that simmer and marinate for a minute. I don’t like my kids or my husband even touching my food… I want them to get their own! But somehow the foods I’ve been eating, the foods you’ve been eating have “”genetically modified.”!!!!!! Something is just not right about that. For example, the gene strains of organisms, plants and our food have been genetically engineered to produce food or strains that’s not part of the normal species. They do this to produce more harvest quicker, faster and bigger!! That means you think you are eating a plum but you may actually be eating a plum and a tomato and round up fertilizer all at the same time. So at the end of the day when you feel good about yourself because you had a plum for a snack instead of Doritos, your body is confused because it just digested a plum tomato with fertilizer. Isn’t that something?? I’m new to the GMO stuff buy would encourage you to look up and research for yourself. Look for the good label!! See how many you can find in the foods you eat. And if you find it on a bag of Doritos…..I’ll give you $5 so I can buy me some more popcorn! 

Lentil flour Pita Chips


Naked Juices….they come in all flavors


Non GMO Foods



Just Simply

Some of the best things in life are simple. Maybe that is why Simply products are so good! Lemonade is surfacing as my favorite drink these days and my favorite is Simply Lemonade. They make a traditional lemonade and also a Raspberry Lemonade. Both are simply delicious.

For starters, all lemonade is not created equal. Some are sweet and some are tart and some taste like water. I am picky about my food, but I am particular on my lemonade too. When I am out at a restaurant and want lemonade, I always ask the waiter if the lemonade is sweet or tart. I prefer sweet over tart. It is hard to find the right blend of sweet and tart, but I have finally found it in a bottle. It is refreshing and has a great, fresh taste as if it was freshly squeezed in your personal kitchen.

Simply also makes Orange Juice and Apple Juice which are great as well.

Hanging Pasta

Fettucine alfredo ranks at the top as one of my favorite foods! I absolutely love it. When it comes to sauces, alfredo is always my first pick and pesto comes in a strong second. Red sauces such as marinara do not typically make my top choices if alfredo is on the menu.

But my post today is not about my favorite foods. It is about HOW to eat one of my favorite foods called pasta. I have recently been interested in etiquette and all the do’s and dont’s of proper manners at the table specifically. Lately, I have observed that there are lots of people out there who do not know how to eat pasta! I do not claim to be an expert, but I must say I am glad to say that I know how and I try to practice it.

I will never forget the moment of truth for me around this. I was in college and out to lunch with my boss from my student job on campus. We were at Olive Garden eating fettucine alfredo and she stopped me mid-eating and told me to get my face out of my bowl! Yes, she did. My pasta was hanging out of my mouth and I had my face, head, and shoulders all engaged and bent down trying to slurp it up and get it all in my mouth. Hanging pasta!

She gave me an etiquette lesson I will never forget about how to eat pasta. She politely told me to pick up the spoon they had put in the pasta bowl and she showed me how to pick up the pasta with my fork and then twirl it on the spoon. Wow! I never knew or thought about why they always gave you a spoon with pasta. So, from that day forward I have committed to not having any more hanging pasta. But, it is amazing to me how most people I have seen over the years do not do this including my kids. That is the worst sight-to see someone eating spaghetti and slurping or their head burrowed so far in their bowl, you cannot even see their eyes. That used to be me. Now, I have moved from hanging pasta to a pasta twirler. I am trying to teach my kids the same.


I am opposed to expired things. My husband makes fun of me all the time because I will throw away something if it’s about to expire. I just have this thing with taking, using, or eating anything that has an expiration date on it that has past. And it goes for all things-medicine, unopened food, opened food, packaged materials, etc. Without exception!

This morning I was making my grocery list and went to my spice cabinet to see if I had any basil. I found the basil but it was expired. And so was about 15 of my spices in my cabinet! All to the trash they went. Some were brand new and not opened and most of them were spices that I had used once or twice. It is spices that I probably bought for a recipe but they are not my typical go-to spices like onion and garlic powder. I had a brand new bottle of marjoram, saigon cinnamon, rosemary/dill blend, and cream of tartar. Most were a result of huge sale at Publix over a year ago where I got them for $.50. So not a lot of money spent, but it proves to me I should not buy things on sale if I am not going to use them. So, here are pics of my expired seasonings I had to say goodbye to:

New Delicacy

I have found me a new delicacy-sweet potato fries with bleu cheese dip!!! I was introduced to sweet potato fries about a year ago at the Ross Bridge Renaissance Resort. They serve them in their restaurant and they are good!

While home this weekend, I spent some time at Bridge Street with some friends and we ordered some there at The Prive/Scene restaurant. I was skeptical about the bleu cheese dip, but when I tried it, I was so glad I did. It was so yummy and I had to catch myself before I got un-mannerable and started licking the bowl.

It is my new found delicacy!

Taco Bell Stands Out

 Taco Bell has long been known as a place where you can stretch your dollar. Where else can you still go get a meal with a drink for $3.00? Taco Bell is the place. As a matter of fact, I went there today and got a Baja Chalupa and Cinnamon Twists all for $3 bucks!

Well, it seems that even the low price taco leader is even trying to stand out in this economy. On a recent visit there, I noticed a few slight changes in their level of customer service. In my bag of tacos, there was a plastic bag filled with napkins, moist towelettes, and peppermints! What a nice surprise. Taco Bell is giving out moist towelettes and mints-now that is a twist and a step up!

Another interesting note is that Taco Bell restaurants across the country are preparing for one of the biggest taco giveaways in the company’s history. As the Official Quick Service Restaurant of Major League Baseball, Taco Bell will serve up millions of Americans a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco as part of its “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” World Series promotion.
Baseball and taco fans alike can get their free taco by simply visiting a participating Taco Bell restaurant on Tuesday, October 28 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Play Ball!

Is Fine Dining good eating?

I do not claim to be a food connoisseur. Just an average person that apparently enjoys average food.  This post comes about after a fine dining experience I had tonight. We had a fancy work dinner tonight after a team meeting. It was at Brock’s-a fine dining restaurant at the Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort. I have never enjoyed the upscale, eclectic fine dining establishments. In my opinion, they are more into presentation and pretty food than it tasting good. Usually, the menu is full of items that you cannot pronounce, you do no know what the food is listed on the menu, it takes forever and the portions are tiny. Well, tonight was no different. We arrived and they passed out the menus. I looked at it over and over trying ro find a name of something I recognized. You know, just simple words like salad, pasta, bread, mushrooms, etc. Instead it was words like “confit”, “foie gras”, and “profiteroles”.  What is that? Is it a person, place or thing? Is it edible, raw, alive, or what?

I peered over my menu and I took comfort in the fact there were 8 other people ( my entire team) with blank stares on their faces also trying to decipher the menu. I think everyone was afraid to ask the waitress for a dictionary to go with the menu or either did not even know where to begin. Anyways, we manage to order and it was at least another 1 1/2 hours before we got our food. In between the ordering and receiving our entree, they managed to bring out a mini chef appetizer, salads, bread, and a palate cleanser! If you are like me, you are scratching your head on what and why the need for a palate cleanser? When they brought out the bread, it came with a small tray of 3 varieties of butter-one yellow, one green and one brown. Did I mention this was supposed to be butter?

The palate cleanser was brought in a shot glass and the waitress called it cherry esplanade? It was literally Kool-aid that was frozen and it is the icy part before it melts.

Then, they finally bring our entrees and it was on a plate smaller than what my 10-month old eats off of. I had a pasta dish and it may have had 12 noodles on it! Did I mention the cost was average $40/plate?? $40 for 12.5 noodles that I had to wait for and cleanse my palate for. Something is wrong with that picture.

Maybe I am not upscale enough to appreciate the finer things in life like foie gras and duck confit. You may ask-What is foie gras? I had to look it up when I got home and I found it is the liver of a duck! $40 to eat liver of a duck. I am sorry, but this has no appeal for me. I am comfortable with much less than that apparently.

There must be a breed of individuals out there that appreciate this style as their food choice. Hats off to them! Personally, it would not hurt my feelings to never have to visit one again. I can continue to utilize my local drive-thrus and be happy. I must sign off now because I must find me something to eat and try to recoup the $40 just spent to be among foie gras!