Goal Met

Yea for me! I have reached my first goal in my weight loss journey. I started my official change towards being healthier the week after Christmas. I set a goal to lose 15 lbs. by March 1. I though that was pretty realistic and not too lofty. I got stuck at 12 lbs. by the first week of February and stayed there for a couple of weeks. By week three I started to doubt just a little but I’m glad to say I weighed Feb. 28 and had lost my three additional lbs and met my goal!!
I’m very proud of myself for finally getting the belief, the desire and the action to all align together to make a change. I had the desire first. Who doesn’t want or desire to be smaller? Who doesn’t desire to look and be slimmer? Beanpoles-put your hands down!!
So, I could put a checkmark by the desire. Check. However, the biggest obstacle though has been my belief that I could. I just could not seem to really believe it was possible. I have been this size for quite a long time and it was undesirous but kinda seemed natural. I toiled in my mind all summer last year but finally made a decision last fall that I was going to do something different in 2011. Belief. Check. Yes, it took me that many months to get my mind right. I went through the holidays still with a determined futuristic mind that I was indeed going to change as I enjoyed the macaroni and cheese. From the outside appearances, it probably looked like I was stuck in the same routine, but inside I knew that I was for real and was serious about making a change.
So then the action part kicked in December 26 and I have been committed since then. I don’t look back and grieve that it took all of that and that lots of time passed me by. I just look forward to the goals and joys ahead.
I have my first milestone and I’m pressing forward to the next goal.
Next goal is 30 lbs. lost by June 1.

Let’s get it!!


Off to a Good Start

We are a little over 30 days into the new year and I must say I’m off to a good start on one of my resolutions to be healthy. One of the desired results of being healthy for me is losing weight and to date, I have lost 12 lbs.!!!! I started the week after Christmas making deliberate, healthy choices on what and when I eat. And my discipline and new habits have paid off.
I feel great about my progress thus far and it keeps me motivated to want to remain focused and continue on this path. I told Marcus that I see this as my last and final attempt to be healthy and lose the weight once and for all. I’m committed to not being fat anymore! I want to feel great physically. I want to look at myself in the mirror and love what I see. I want to wear a different size. I want to be healthy.
And…I’m off to a good start!