Running !

I did it!!!! Ran my first 5k on Memorial Day and it was a huge accomplishment. I’ve been on a journey since my new years resolution to run this race and set it as a goal for 2012. I am not sure what possessed me with so much urgency to do this, but I couldn’t shake the thought and I’m glad I did it. It was part of a new challenge for myself and it was part of my plan to lose weight which was another 2012 goal. Oddly enough I did not lose any weight training for the race and that caused great disappointment. But in spite of no weight loss, I gained in other areas such as increased fitness, renewed confidence and a new hobby.
Increased fitness-it definitely feels good to do something healthy for your body and sweat.
Renewed confidence-this spans a lot of areas. My main renewal is around the confidence in myself that I CAN do what I put my mind too no matter how lofty the goal. I’ve never been a health or fitness guru and never ran-so to run a 5k seemed very out of reach and unlike anything I has done. But I did it!!!
New hobby-I have enjoyed running and I never thought I would say that. It has been a great place of solitude and quiet and a stress outlet. I see now that it can become addictive and your body will crave it. It was an awesome experience overall and a major accomplishment.