What’s wrong with my palate? Day 4 Detox


It’s the morning of Day 4 and I woke up not feeling juice, veggies, fruit or anything I’m supposed to eat. But conversely there’s nothing unhealthy I’m craving either. I can’t even think of anything that sounds good to eat. 

I went to juice bar at the hotel this morning and they had only four options to choose from and none sounded exciting. I saw the ingredient fennel in one of them and immediately thought to myself “How committed are you really?” Lol. Who puts fennel in a juice? How many of you know what fennel is without help from Google? Regardless lets just say it’s not strawberries. So I chose the best I could out of the four choices which was pineapple, cucumber and mint as pictured above. The taste….not good. You gotta really like cucumbers. And u really don’t. Couple on a salad I can stomach but not a major ingredient in my juice. I tried to drink but today I just couldn’t. Then I got me a plate of fruit with strawberries and pineapples. I put in my mouth and it tasted super sweet like it had extra sugar on it. What’s wrong with my palate? Nothing has tasted good this morning. Nothing at all. I’ve managed three glasses of water so far and have taken 8 of my 20+ plus detox pills I gotta take so that’s on track. What’s for lunch? I have no idea and nothing sounds good. I know I must eat because if I get too hungry that’s not good. Stay tuned to hear the ever changing detox journey. 


2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with my palate? Day 4 Detox

  1. I’m enjoying your entries. Be encouraged although, you’re not feeling any of your options today. It’s truly amazing how our palette changes.

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