Healthy Foods….There’s a label for that!

   While I’ve been on this detox journey, I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to buy snacks and had to find the healthiest I could find. I also found out that healthy comes with a price tag! Sometimes I had to pay $2-3 more for a healthy snack. For example, I was traveling in airport where the prices are already inflated. I could gave bought chips for $1.99 but I opted for healthy popcorn that was gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, anything bad “free” and a bag cost me $4.99!! This is when commitment meets up with your pocketbook and 99% of the time my pocketbook wins. Over the detox journey I can say commitment to healthy won while my pocketbook took a beating. 

But as I continued to buy healthy, I continued to see this blue and green label that said “Non-GMO verified”. It was on EVERY packaged label when I bought something that fit the diet of what I could eat. It was NEVER on the Doritos or the candy or the bagels or anything unhealthy. Interesting huh? So I decided to start thinking…if my healthy foods are non-GMO then what in the world are the everyday foods that me and a large majority have been eating??? GMO Foods are those that have been “genetically modified.” Let that simmer and marinate for a minute. I don’t like my kids or my husband even touching my food… I want them to get their own! But somehow the foods I’ve been eating, the foods you’ve been eating have “”genetically modified.”!!!!!! Something is just not right about that. For example, the gene strains of organisms, plants and our food have been genetically engineered to produce food or strains that’s not part of the normal species. They do this to produce more harvest quicker, faster and bigger!! That means you think you are eating a plum but you may actually be eating a plum and a tomato and round up fertilizer all at the same time. So at the end of the day when you feel good about yourself because you had a plum for a snack instead of Doritos, your body is confused because it just digested a plum tomato with fertilizer. Isn’t that something?? I’m new to the GMO stuff buy would encourage you to look up and research for yourself. Look for the good label!! See how many you can find in the foods you eat. And if you find it on a bag of Doritos…..I’ll give you $5 so I can buy me some more popcorn! 

Lentil flour Pita Chips


Naked Juices….they come in all flavors


Non GMO Foods



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